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Except for established trading companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Guangzhou or Kunshan, nowadays more service-type companies established in Shanghai and Shenzhen. The service-type company can charge the service fee, royalties, design fee, or consultancy fee in China, such our consulting company, software development company, marketing company, Intermediary agency, catering management company, etc.
Service-type companies are engaged in services industries are subject to prescribed business activities of enterprises, including product development, design, manufacture, sale, installation, maintenance, and provision of system solutions. Service-type refers to the manufacturing process of industrial structure dominated the shift to service-oriented changes.



Table of Contents

  • Notices to establish a foreign investment service-type company.
  • There are Several Main scopes of Services industriesBasic preparation documents and application procedures of the service company.
  • Applied for the establishment of the service-type company in China




From the stage of development, economic structure, especially the big trend in the
evolution of industrial structure and the newly emerging view of the current situation, 
China has already begun in the mid-to-late industrialization shift to manufacturing-
oriented industrial structure has begun to service industrial Structure Evolution
industry-led, service-oriented economic structure optimization and upgrading
of China's economy is an important task and a new main direction.


China opening up of service to promote the rapid development of trade in services
has formed a comprehensive, multi-level pattern of opening up services. Among
them, the export trade in services has been ranked 28th in the world, rose to eighth
place, imported by the first forty world ranking rose to seventh place. With the
improvement of the level of consumption structure of national income while evolving
upgrade, but is bound to promote the evolution of consumption structure adjustment
and upgrading of industrial structure, which is the consumption structure and
industrial structure change objective law.


China's per capita GDP now exceeds USD6,000; the world's middle-income level
has been reached. At this stage of development, the service sector has become
the main growth point and pillar industries, the development of new services in
the Chinese economy, can greatly promote economic growth, increase effective
supply, and better meet consumer demand, improve people's livelihood, improve
quality of life.



  • Column such as Agreement on Trade in Services (General Agreement on Trade in Service, GATS): international trading partners to negotiate for services cross-border services, topics include MFN import tax and duty exemptions, etc., regulate trade patterns can be divided into Cross-border supply, consumption abroad, commercial presence and presence of natural persons and other four categories, the service trade agreement with the elimination of trade barriers and discriminatory norms function.




Notices to establish a foreign investment service-type company


establish service-type company    establish service-type company    establish service-type company

Generally billing 3% service
invoice, if the turnover up to
RMB 8 million, can become
the general taxpayer,
change to billing 6% value-
added tax invoice (Deductible).


There is no special restriction
on the amount of establishing
foreign investment service-
type company in China, it is
better if the registered capital
more than RMB 300 thousand.


The registered capital, down
payment, need to be 20%,
remaining payment can pay in 
the operating period after the
funds are imported, a capital
verification report should be
issued for future reference by
relevant units.



establish service-type company establish service-type company   

Responding to business needs
can upgrade the service-type
company to commercial trading

When opening a bank
account, a legal person
must at the scene or
provide relevantly
documents handled by





There are Several Main scopes of Services industries


Commission Agency
Commission Agency

Its scope is handling the entrusted matters of business, including purchasing and selling goods, import agents,
introduction services. Shopping consignment is entrusted with the purchase of goods or real sale of
goods purchased by the number of actual sales or liquidation and charges a fee business. Agent import refers
to goods or services entrusted to handle import and export business. Introduction Service refers to intermediaries
introduce their discussion of business transactions or other matters.



Consulting Industry
Consulting Industry

The establishment of China consultants refers to the provision of customer needs, problems, recommendations,  
services, etc. For example economic information consultation, business information consultation, information
technology consultation, and market information consultation.



Software Industry
Software/ Program Industry

Technology development in the field of network technology or electronic technology, refers to the provision of 
software, App design, collect relevant design fees or related technical licensing / royalty. For example computer
software and hardware technology development, technical services and technology transfer.



Marketing Planning Company
Marketing Planning Company

Provide local marketing plan, event planning, activity design, corporate image design services and collect related 
service charge.



Catering Industry
Catering Industry

Provide food and beverage services to customers through the provision of a diet and eating place.                        



Hotel Industry
Hotel Industry
Provide lodging services.                                                                                                                                           



Arrange trips / Accommodations / Transportations and guide services.                                                                    



Use storage to provide space for clients to secure their goods.                                                                                



Provide Spaces / Houses / Goods / Facilities for others in a certain period.                                                             



Basic preparation documents and application procedures of the service company

The application process of establishing a service-type company in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Kunshan, the relevant information should be prepared in advance and conduct company name approval. After obtaining the official name approval document the information will be submitted to the Ministry of Commerce and taxation, banking, foreign exchange, and other relevant departments in accordance with indispensable procedures after the examination by the Ministry of Commerce. Foreign service companies from the data collected to the company can start operating invoices,
application procedures for about one to one and a half months.

Inter Area Business Provider has many years of practical experience in Chinese industry and Commerce, our service not only companies registration, but we also understand all kinds of practical items and norms of local investment. Inter Area provides a one-stop service to customers. The service covers from the overseas holding company to apply for certification/file / local business registration address/company registration, accounting and tax / subsequent local commercial administrative affairs, etc. To cater to local business problems, provide efficient and profitable international investment solutions, and reduce initial investment costs, allowing investors to make rapid progress in the local market in the most flexible way.




Service company application process in China

  • Name approval: Provide company name approval.
  • Foreign investment enterprise filing: Provide foreign investment company information.
  • License application: Apply for a business license and get a uniform credit code.
  • Set up an account: Opening a bank account and online banking.
  • Tax Registration: Need to carry out tax and invoice verification, apply for the invoice.
  • Foreign exchange application: Open an investment account.



Applied for the establishment of the service-type company in China


What are the conditions for the establishment of service-type companies in China by foreign businessmen or Taiwanese businessmen?

Registered foreign investment service companies should be prepared the relevant information and the minimum registered capital of foreign capital is proposed to be RMB 300 thousand, and the funds can be put in place in batches. The registered address of the office should be used for commercial purposes.


Establish a service company or consultant company in China. What types of invoices can be opened?
Establish a service company or consultancy company in China that only can open a 3% service charge invoice, and cannot apply for a 16% value-added tax invoice.


What kind of business is suitable for the establishment of service companies in China?

Service companies mainly provide services, such as product technology licensing, consulting, product design, software app design, commission agents, China consulting company, and other related services based industries. Basically, as long as it is not involved in the sale of physical products, only the cost of related products and services can be set up service companies, the most common is the establishment of consultants in China.


What are the encourage for service companies in China?
Nowadays China actively developing the market, attracting investors from various countries to invest, the most representative of the free trade area currently planned in China. For example, the free trade area of Shanghai has opened a variety of restricted industries, such as performance, economy, education, training, medical service, China consulting company and Mainland Software Company. Recently, it is also planned to establish a new free trade zone to attract more foreign investors to invest.



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