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Virtual offices have become one of the most popular workspace solutions among freelancers and entrepreneurs. These freelancers and entrepreneurs can work from home and provide their companies with professional business addresses. Virtual office business owners provide all the benefits of a "physical store" without having to rent an actual office. A virtual company address can help increase the company’s reputation, making it easier to successfully attract customers. In today's rapidly changing business environment, not every customer needs a traditional physical office to rent, nor does it necessarily require employees to work in a traditional office environment.
After all, physical offices will bring various management costs, such as management fees, water and electricity, rent, etc., which is nothing more than an additional burden for some start-up companies or companies that operate at multiple locations.
In view of this, virtual office has become a more cost-effective solution for cash.




Table of Contents

  • What is a virtual office?
  • Why should you choose a virtual office?
  • What services does the virtual office provide?





What is a virtual office?

  • The virtual office provides companies with a registered address and office-related services without having to spend a lot of lease and management personnel.
  • With a virtual office, employees can work anywhere, but still have functions such as mailing address and answering phone calls. Virtual offices are particularly popular among start-ups and small businesses that want to reduce costs, giving users the opportunity to enter any market with minimal cost.






Why should you choose a virtual office?

  • Essentially, a virtual office is a service that provides business owners with business property privileges-office address and phone number, communication, and management services without the need for physical office space. The virtual office has the following advantages:

    1. Company image:
      Home offices and unconventional workspaces have become
      more and more widely accepted, but for those who want to
      attract more traditionally-minded corporate clients, it is worth
      having a dedicated office address and contact information. 

    1. Legality:
      Using a virtual office solution and having a compliant
      company registration address is a good way to convince       
      customers that the company is legal.

    1. Flexibility:
      Business owners can carry out business locally or remotely 
      at any time, and virtual offices can also use monthly lease
      contracts. If the user's business changes, there is no need
      to wait for the lease to expire, and there is no need to deal
      with troublesome offices due to landlord factors Relocation

    1. Efficiency:
      Working from home while using a virtual office address can 
      save time and money because its service saves staff from
      administrative tasks and commuting. Every employee can
      work in the most convenient location and the business is
      not limited to hiring local employees.

    1. Budget:
      The operating cost of a virtual office is much lower than that
      of a traditional office because there is no need to rent
      physical space, purchase equipment and furniture or hire a

    1. Communication:
      A dedicated business phone number, answered by a
      professional receptionist can ensure smooth
      communication with all customers. The secretarial service 
      of the virtual office can also handle call forwarding, mailing  
      and package transportation.





What services does the virtual office provide?

  • Interarea provides virtual office services in multiple countries in Asia including China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and other places, and provides the following services:
  1. Company address:
    Set up your company or office in the best place at the lowest cost.
  2. Incoming call answering:
    Get the local real landline number instead of a personal mobile phone, and answered by the dedicated person.
  3. Easily relocate to other locations:
    You can relocate your contract to any of our other office locations without additional costs.
  4. Commercial mailing address:
    Provide a commercial mailing address for customers to receive and forward letters/parcels, which will have a better corporate image than ordinary home addresses.
  5. Receive mail reply and scan:
    If you want to send mail to an address that is not your own, then this is a great service. With the user's consent, we will scan all mail and send it to you.

With the help of virtual offices, you do not need to rent or purchase expensive office space to get the professional image needed for a new business. You don’t need to worry about hiring a receptionist, buy brand new office equipment and get a separate phone line because the virtual office can do all of these tasks, and you just need to focus on expanding your business.






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