Taiwan Company Set Up






Introdution of Taiwan


With the release of multiple controls, cross-strait is expected to be more integrated, foreign investors can actively integrate Taiwan into its overall planning in the Asia-Pacific region. Finally, regulatory restrictions are loosened, business people and funds are more free to move across the country, to reduce the cost of transnational operations. More>>


dogma1Investment Commission Filing

In Taiwan to obtain the purpose of the cause of the competent authorities to apply for permission to apply to Taiwan to set up business registrationMore>> 




dogma1Overseas application for health insurance self-up feet

After overseas medical treatment, return to Taiwan to seek health insurance payment, insurance subjects such as travel to foreign countries, mainland regions or processing affairsMore>> 






Real Estate Transactions

In order to tie in with the opening up of land-based investment in Taiwan, the restrictions on the purchase of real estate by the people of mainland China are relaxedMore>> 




dogma1Investing in Taiwan

Foreigners who want to invest in immigration to Taiwan can invest in profit-making undertakings worth more than NT$15 million in our countryMore>> 

US Company Registration