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Introduction of company in Southeast Asia

ASEAN price level compared to China or other countries in the region are still relatively low market, attact foreign investment have great results, especoa;;y the last many years China prices and wages rose, Southeast Asia economies a chance to become the next world factory, growig .


dogma1Philippines Company Registred

The registered pattern established by a foreign investment Philippine company can be divided into three types: sole proprietorship, partnership or company. Foreign companies may also set up companies, subsidiaries or offices in the Philippines. When setting up a Philippine company, the minimum registered registered registered amount of foreign capital is US$200,000. More>>




dogma1Thailand Company Registred

Foreign investment industry regulations, responsible for the approval of foreign investment applications BOI preferential companies, allowing foreign investment to 100% holding applications, but the procedures are relatively cumbersome, so foreign control of Thais as shareholders of joint ventures is very common. More>>


dogma1Vietnam Company Registred

Foreign investment in Vietnam may be for offices, trading companies and production factories, new investment enterprises if invested in designated regions or high-tech industries, in addition to the corporate income tax rate reduction. More>>





dogma1Indonesia Company Registred

Foreign-owned manufacturing in Indonesia can be 100% sole proprietorship, foreign companies need at least two shareholders, can be foreign individuals or legal persons, but the official business projects are still more restricted. More>>


dogma1Malaysia Company Registred

Foreign investment in Malaysia may be 100% holding shares, but it is important to note that the government requires a local director of a foreign investment company to set up a company whose name can be registered in English or Malay. More>>

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