Overseas Tax-free company



Unlike Tax-free Island Co, exempted Company needs to produce annual
reports and submit relevant financial audits to local corporate profits
tax. Although it increases annual maintenance and accounting costs,
it also has more tax space and international tax advantages.




     Singapore Company
      The Kapo economy is an export-
      oriented economy, which is a
      world famous re-export trade
      and financial center, and
      attracting investment is its basic
      national policy. Singapore is also
      among the top in other  
      evaluation indices on... More>>

   Introduction Of
   Singapore Company
    Singapore is one of the highest
    economic open countries. 
    Singapore takes a great
    advantage of globalization
    which makes it's being a
    developed country. Since 2009,
    Singapore works out economic
    crisis and turn to increasingly
    economics grow up.
    Singapore is becoming a
    sovereign nation in 1965, its....

    Open Account Bank in
     Singapore is the third-largest
     financial center in the world,
     second only to London,
     England, and New York. As a
     result, Singapore's financial
     system is complete and its
     international reputation is high.
     After the Bank of Singapore
     opened an account, foreign
     exchange is also unregulated.
     All major international banks



     Hong Kong Company
      Hong Kong's main feature, which
      is also the world's freest trading
      port, and its own good
      infrastructure and sound legal
      system, has led many companies
      to choose to set up companies
      in the Hong Kong Companies
      Registry to build an international
      structure and brand. More>>

   Hong Kong Working Visa
   Professionals who wish to come
   /stay in the Hong Kong Special
   Administrative Region for
   employment to outline the
   relevant immigration
   arrangements. Applicants with
   special skills, knowledge or
   experience required by the
   HKSAR and lack of experience
   may apply for employment in
   Hong Kong under the General
   Employment Policy. More>>

     Labuan Island Company
      Labuan is a federal territory in
      eastern Malaysia located in the
      southwestern part of the state
      of Sabah in eastern Malaysia in
      the South China Sea.
      The Government of Malaysia
      announced in 1990 that it was
      committed to the....More>>

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