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Table of Contents

  • Basic introduction to Delaware
  • Benefits of setting up a company in Delaware
  • Delaware company registration conditions and procedures





Basic introduction to Delaware

  • Delaware's prosperity depends on its strategic location: 4 of the 10 largest cities in the United States are within 150 miles (240 kilometers) of Delaware.
    The state has a diversified economy and has advantages in agriculture, industry, and commerce. In terms of total area, it ranks 49th among the 50 states in the United States and is one of the most densely populated states. Delaware has always been known as the chemical capital of the United States, the capital of companies and the capital of credit cards. There are comprehensive company registration laws and sufficient legal resources in the local area, attracting many American and foreign companies to register companies in Delaware. The state’s major companies, banks and legal enterprises are mainly located in the northern part of the state.






Benefits of setting up a company in Delaware

  • Since Delaware does not impose any income tax on limited liability companies or companies, nor does it impose any tax on equity in small companies, business owners will continue to be attracted to Delaware to support its laws that are good for business and good for privacy. . More than two-thirds of all business entities formed or registered in Delaware are limited liability companies for many reasons. Delaware Limited Liability Company ("LLC") is easy to maintain. Delaware LLC has the following advantages:
    • Wide range of uses

      ・You can use Delaware LLC to own and manage almost everything.

      ・The use of limited liability companies ranges from one-person consulting business entities to multi-million-dollar holding companies for commercial apartment complexes.

      ・It can also hold real estate, tangible assets, or intellectual property. 

    • Almost anyone can set up a Delaware limited liability company

      ・No matter where you live, you can form a Delaware limited liability company without going to Delaware. 

    • It can operate anywhere

      ・Delaware LLC can operate in almost any state or country.

      ・Delaware LLC does not need to have a bank account or office in Delaware. 

    • No Delaware income tax

      ・If the company operates in a state other than Delaware, it is not required to pay Delaware income tax.





Delaware company registration conditions and procedures

  • The registered capital of Delaware company is generally 1,500 NPV (no par value shares), and at least one shareholder (can be a natural person or legal person) and one director (only natural person) must be provided. The company's establishment time is about 3-4 Weekly, to set up a company in Delaware, there are the following basic procedures.

    1.Choose a company name.

    2.Prepare and submit company registration

    3.Appoint a registered agent.


    4.Formulate the company's
    articles of association

    5.Appoint directors and
    board meetings.
                                            6.Issue shares. 7.Submit an
    annual report. 





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