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In response to the expansion of information and the innovation of work networking, the world ’s information, capital flow has changed, the ecological changes in the global resource outlet letter, the market has become more and more heated, economic activities have broken through regional barriers, and investment has gradually shifted from production to business services Using supply chain resources to manage and build up the competitiveness of enterprises will become the key to the global investment layout. From strategy, creativity, planning, goals ... master the key elements of percentage implementation, achieve high investment performance, accelerate the integration of investment efficiency and efficiency, and instantly grasp business opportunities and international markets.


dogma1China Co. Registered

Most of the business scope are now open to foreign investment register trading company, services company, representative office and branch. more>>



dogma1O.C. Registeredt

Offshore company gradually change from tax to multi-functional, not only to be concerned about the registration, but the follow-up to the practice and planning.more>>



dogma1Overseas Exemption of Company Registered

Unlike Tax-free Island Co,exempted Company needs to produce annual reports and submit relevant financial audits to local corporate profits tax. Although it increases annual maintenance and accounting costs, it also has more tax space and international tax advantages.more>>


dogma1Asian Co. Registered

Southeast Asia has abundant labor and potential of consumer market, as well as various tax advantages, such as Singapore, the Philippiness, Vietnam, Thailand.more>>



dogma1Overseas Account

After registered offshore company, to facilitate the operation of funds and reduce exchange risk, most companies will choose to open an account in Hong Kong, Singapore.more>>



dogma1Corporate Finance

According to the needs of their own development, enterprises establish and improve the internal financial management system, set up financial management departments, equipped with professional financial management personnel, and raise funds, control costs, distribute income, to achieve continuous operation and value.more>>


dogma1Taiwan Co. Registered

Taiwan's business environment is open, and its business costs are low, foreign investment can set up offices, branches and subsidiaries in Taiwan.more>>



dogma1Special License Application

To operate restricted industries, such as food, medical equipment, cosmetics, commercial franchise, etc., are required to apply for a separate qualification certificate.more>>



dogma1Notarization By Embassy

Authentication of corporate documents is common, in foreign investment entitled. Countries increasingly stringent norms for foreign investment, therefore have asked for the relevant is invested documents should notarize by the local embassy, in order to verify the authenticity and validity of the investment document.more>>

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