Securities License


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 A Securities licensor is an individual or group that provides securities trading investment advice or administrative services.


Application request

  • Securities licensor who meets the application conditions

  1. Individuals have relevant degrees or professional qualifications for securities licensing activities.
  2. Licensed/approved individuals who are permitted to provide this type of service, which may be from a member regulatory body or jurisdiction of the International Securities Commission (IOSCO).
  3. Individuals who are managing and operating securities transactions and have similar experiences may also consider applying.


  • Activities permitted under a securities license include

  1. Investment Advice
  2. Administrative service
  3. Securities trading
  4. Any other activities that can be approved by the Financial Services Authority.


Need document

Applicants should provide information/documents as follows to apply for a securities license

  • 3-year estimated financial statements (eg income statement and balance sheet)
  • a detailed business plan, including
  1. business goal
  2. Service / Product Category
  3. Market objectives
  4. Industry/sectoral goals
  5. Geographical range (display ratio) (i.e Singapore 50% Indonesia 50%)
  6. Strategic Plan
  7. Risk management and internal control processes
  8. Overall planning
  9. marketing strategy
  10. Internal Control and Compliance Officer specific
  11. Proposed financial year-end accounting standards
  12. Other relevant supporting documents/information
  13. Group equity structure


Directors and shareholders need to prepare for Securities licensor

For natural/individual people


  • Personal ID / Passport (foreigner)
  • Proof of address (such as the most recent utility bill, which does not exceed 3 months)
  • A certified copy of the recent bank statement (only available to shareholders)
  • Personal resume, and related academic credentials, including any relevant professional qualifications


For company groups

  • Company registration certificate
  • Charter
  • Latest annual return (if any)
  • Audited accounts for the past 3 years
  • Company Board Meeting - Approving the company's investment in a local company
  • Company Board Meeting - Legal Representatives Appointed