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The Republic of the Marshall Islands is an independent country located in the Central Pacific Ocean, between Guam and Hawaii, with a total of 750,000 square miles of tropical Pacific Ocean. The Marshall Islands has two rows of coral reefs and coral islands that are parallel to each other, up to 800 miles apart and 124 miles apart. They eat a total of 1,425 large and small islands.



Table Of Contents

  • Introduction to the Marshall Islands
  • Advantages of offshore companies in Marshall
  • Basic requirements for Marshall offshore companies
  • Marshall offshore company registration requirements



Introduction to the Marshall Islands

  • In 1788, the British captain John Marshall discovered the archipelago, and since then the island has been named the Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands have been occupied by Spain, Germany, and the United States. After the Second World War, it was administered by the United States as a strategic hosting place for the United Nations in 1947. In 1951, it was changed from the US Navy to civil administration.
  • On May 1, 1979, the Marshall Islands Constitution came into effect and a constitutional government was established. In June 1983, Ma and the United States signed the "Freedom of Association Treaty." After the treaty came into force in 1986, Ma became a republic and gained autonomy in internal affairs.
  • On December 22, 1990, the United Nations officially ended the United States hosting of the Marshall Islands. In September 1991, the Marshall Islands joined the United Nations. On November 16, 1990, the Marshall Islands officially established diplomatic relations with China and broke diplomatic relations in 1998. The Marshall Islands now maintains a so-called "diplomatic relations" with the Taiwan authorities.
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Advantages of offshore companies in Marshall

  1. Based on the common law and closely following the pulse of the market, it is very popular among foreign businessmen.
  2. The company does not need to declare beneficiaries and does not need to declare an annual profit and financial status.
  3. The company is not required to present annual or audited accounts and there is no need to hold an annual general meeting.
  4. Corporate taxation: Overseas income is not subject to tax and is not subject to foreign exchange regulations.
  5. Company property protection: maximum property protection and convenient Fund procurement.
  6. Company confidentiality: Detailed information of shareholders and directors is not publicly available
  7. Company flexibility: The name of the company in Marshall can be added to the Chinese name.



Basic requirements for Marshall offshore companies

  1. Company composition:
    Only one applicant can set up an overseas Marshall company, the name can be "end of the company", such as LIMITED, CORPORATION, INCORPORATED or their abbreviations, such as LTD, CORP or INC.
  2. Company registered capital:
    The standard fund is USD 50,000, no capital verification is required.
  3. Director of the company:
    One or more directors, which may be a legal entity or a natural person of any nationality.
  4. Secretary of the company's board of directors:
    Although the secretary is not mandatory, the Marshall government recommends doing so.
  5. Marshall Corporate Board Meeting:
    Directors may meet in any country or participate in such meetings through an agent.
  6. Marshall Company Seal:
    Marshall Islands companies must have their own seals, and the company seals must be submitted to the company registration office.
  7. Corporate Taxation:
    Exemption from any taxes on business activities and commercial activities outside the Marshall Islands.



Marshall offshore company registration requirements

Marshall company registration requirements 1.The newly named Marshall
Company (which can be found
immediately) takes about 7-10
business days.
            Marshall company registration requirements 2.Marshall's registered name
cannot appear as "trust
company", "securities" or
"banks" or other words that
are considered similar.


Marshall company registration requirements

3.At least one director or
providing a
photocopy of the ID card or

  Marshall company registration requirements

4.The government stipulates
that if the
registered capital
exceeds 50,000 US
or 500 shares, it will be
subject to additional fees
prescribed by the




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