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Commercial performance license



The business performance permit refers to a performance permit certificate that allows the organizer who has the qualification to apply for a business performance event to pass the examination by the Ministry of Culture or the local cultural bureau. Applicants are qualified to perform cultural performances, performance venues, and individual actors to obtain various commercial performances. The commercial performance refers to the live performances held for the public for the purpose of making profits. Whether it is a performance from abroad, or a performance from China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, it is a commercial performance.

License scope

The permit is applicable to the establishment and approval of domestic performance agencies. In the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Macao Special Administrative Region, investors who invest in the establishment of joint ventures, cooperation or sole proprietorships in China need to be approved by brokerage institutions. Investors from Taiwan have invested in setting up joint venture or cooperative operation performance agencies in China to approve the application of the performance brokerage institution and the handling of changes, continuation, cancellation, and reissue.

What are the main contents of the commercial performance license?

The commercial performance license contains several contents. The performances include music, drama, dance, acrobatics, magic, circus, folk art, puppetry, recitation, folk art, models, costumes and other live performances.



There are several ways to perform commercial performances.

  • Ticketing or private.
  • Pay for performances or personal rewards
  • Advertising or product promotion with performances.
  • Sponsored or donated.
  • Organize performances in other ways.


Any unit that conducts public performances, fundraising performances, and festival performances shall entrust the performance company to undertake the performance and conduct the examination and approval procedures in accordance with the regulations. For the performance of the performance performance group, the original copy of the "Performance Certificate" and the original copy of the "Business and Industry License" (excluding the state-run performance group), the performance program materials, and the performance contract text (should contain the relevant "Regulations" and the Ministry of Culture Matters stipulated in Article 19 of the Regulations on the Administration of Business Performance Regulations No. 25). If it is the acting agency's acting performance approval, you also need to provide a copy of the company's "Performance Certificate."