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For companies registered in China, the establishment of Chinese companies, whether in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Kunshan registered domestic companies, foreign companies or foreign representative offices, they must operate a certain business, they must apply for a business license, and business licenses. There is a certain period of operation. Generally speaking, the business license of a Chinese company registered for a domestic company is valid for 10 years. From 2012, the business scope of a domestic company in Shenzhen can be operated continuously.



The validity period of the business license for registered foreign-invested enterprises in Chinese companies is generally 20 years to 50 years, and the foreign representative office is valid for 1 year. When the company's operating period expires, it is necessary to apply for extension procedures for Chinese companies. Only after the company has completed the extension of the business license, the business under the company name can continue to operate normally and legally, and the legal rights and interests enjoyed in the course of business can be guaranteed by law. All countries to China, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Kunshan Investment and Trading Company registered a general business license for 20 years unless the Chinese domestic company has a short period of time to apply for a trading company to apply for a business license extension.


Inter Area provides quality service content

  1. Inter Area assists clients in preparing all files that are subject to review by law and administrative regulations.
  2. Application for change of registration of business license for a trading company or a service company.
  3. Assist the customer to submit a work permit or ID card copy of the company's relevant personnel, as well as other relevant materials such as a copy of the business license.
  4. Provide consulting services for customers Chinese companies to apply for an extension of the business license.
  5. Under the circumstances that the personal files and company files are in full, it is guaranteed to apply for extension procedures for customers.


Inter Area has many years of practice and business experience of Chinese companies applying for licenses. It is not just service consultation for customers, but complete consultation, process, application documentation, local industrial and commercial registration to follow-up accounting service agents from Chinese companies. If the customer wants to go to the registered company in Shanghai, Shenzhen or Xiamen, it is necessary to pay attention to the relevant regulations of each local company.