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Exempted companies, such as Hong Kong/Singapore companies, are different from traditional offshore companies that are completely exempt from taxation, but taxation is cheaper than that of general entities such as China/Taiwan. If a local business or capital transactions are involved, taxation is required annually. Information, or an auditor's report issued by a local accountant, to reconfirm whether local income tax is required.


Table Of Contents

  • Tax regulations
  • Basic accounting information
  • Accounting service



Tax Regulations

  • Overseas exempted companies generally need to make annual declarations once a year, and the local accountants will report and submit them. If there are not many accounts in the current year, you can choose to do the annual account by the local accountant and issue an annual audit. If there is a local business or account. For a relatively large number of enterprises, enterprises generally cannot wait until the end of the year to start accounting. Generally, they should start to prepare accounting information when there is a business operation. It is recommended that they should be accounted for by the accountant every month to avoid delays in the annual audit and a fine.
  • Inter Area is committed to improving accounting service standardization and accounting information communication. We improve resource efficiency allocation to reduce unnecessary time and cost loss, thereby eliminating the gaps and obstacles in cross-border tax information, and improve the efficiency and value of services for customers. Provide local tax financial information instantly and accurately and present practical solutions to meet the needs of investors and other financial information users.
  • In addition to the accounting and tax treatment of overseas exempt companies such as Hong Kong companies and Singapore companies, Inter Area also helps clients to account for accounts in Shanghai, Shenzhen account bookkeeping, Xiamen agent bookkeeping, or Kunshan agent bookkeeping, which can save the cost of local Chinese companies.



Basic Accounting Information

What do customers need to provide?

      1.Bank statement
      and water list.

   sales order:
   invoice, contract.

   invoice, contract.


  wages, rent (depending
  on the lease contract or
  agreement), shipping
  costs, etc.

      5.Other relevant documents:
      the original of the company's articles of association,
      the annual report, all company changes (if any),
      fixed assets notes,
investment-related documents.



Accounting Service

  1. Sorting bills; checking bank accounts; preparing general ledgers, binding into books.
  2. Prepare a subpoena.
  3. Prepare profit and loss statements and balance sheets on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis.
  4. Assist in the establishment of an accounting system.
  5. Clean up the ledger.
  6. Propose a reasonable tax plan and year-end tax return service.
  7. Respond to the tax bureau's questions.


  • Since the overseas exemption company has a lower tax burden and can even obtain an exemption, the account declaration is also more flexible. For example, in the invoice requirement, unlike China, there is no need to open an invoice by the tax bureau. The overseas exemption company can recognize all invoices with the cover company stamp.



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