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241266958Private Application


A securities investment fund that raises funds from specific investors in a non-public manner and is targeted for specific purposes. Private equity funds are recruited by means other than mass communication, and sponsors collect funds from non-public multi-subjects to set up investment funds and invest in securities.


dogma1Labuan Foundation


The Purpose of the Nayering Foundation is usually to hold and manage assets in the interests of a class of persons contractually. The Naruto Foundation is a legal entity independent of its managers (i.e., its managers and their boards) and is often used for private financial and charitable purposes. More>>




dogma1Innovative Financial Services


For the past two years, the Financial Technology (FinTech) industry has gained immense popularity and are quickly becoming more and more mainstream, thanks to increased global adoption. More>>


dogma1Labuan Securities License


The licensor of the Nano-Certificate is an individual or group that provides investment advice or administrative services for securities trading. For the licensor of the Nara islamic certificate, its operation shall be in accordance with the principles of Islam. There is a difference between the management of narun fund and the licensor of naran's certificate, the difference being that the former mainly provides management services. More>>



dogma1Money Broking License


Currency brokerage business refers to transactions between buyers and sellers in currency or foreign exchange markets arranged by brokers as intermediaries, with consideration or will be paid brokerage fees, but do not include transactions in which brokers, as parties, buy or sell foreign exchange in the foreign exchange market. More>>

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