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  • Introduction of Seychelles
  • The advantages and features of
    Seychelles company establishment
  • Seychelles company
    registration regulations
  • OBU offshore company country


Seychelles was originally a French colony and was deeply influenced by France. Even the name Seychelles was taken from the Minister of Finance and Economics of the French King Louis XV-Jean Morey Seychelles. History, this country is full of strong culture.





Introduction of Seychelles

  • The Seychelles are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean in eastern Africa. The largest island is Mahe Island. The Republic of Seychelles is an independent country (since 1976) and a member of the Commonwealth. The capital is Victoria. The official languages are French, Seychellois, and English. The national currency is the Seychellois Rupee (SCR).
  • The Seychelles legal system combines elements of English common law and French civil law. The Constitution came into effect in 1993 .
  • The key sector of the economy is international tourism (the country has regular flights to cooperate with the UAE), and a large part of commercial fisheries comes from international business companies and financial services.
  • Seychelles is one of the most popular duty-free regions in East Africa. Seychelles companies are widely used in international investment and trade businesses.



賽席爾基本條件01  Location                         Composed of 117 islands located in the Indian Ocean, four to
                        five degrees south of the equator.
賽席爾基本條件01 Population                         About 90,000 people.
賽席爾基本條件01  Language                         English, French, Creole.
賽席爾基本條件01  Legal System                         Based on the laws of the United Kingdom and France, the "
                        offshore" and company laws are based on Common law.
賽席爾基本條件01  Currency                         Seychellois Rupee (Rupee)
賽席爾基本條件01 Foreign
賽席爾基本條件01 Time Zone                         UTC+4
賽席爾基本條件01 Main Company
                        "1994 International Business Company Act"
                        "1995 International Trust Act"
                        "2003 Special Licensed Companies Act"
                        "2003 Limited Liability Partnership Companies law"






The advantages and features of Seychelles company establishment

  1. Seychelles company has simple registration procedures and simple management methods.
  2. Registered company doesn't need to go to the local area, nor to hold an annual meeting of shareholders or directors.
  3. Commercial activities and transactions outside the Seychelles Republic are completely tax-free. The only mandatory levy is the annual fee. Taxes are only required for the company's income from local operations in Seychelles.
  4. There is no need for companies to submit accounts and audit reports to the authorities. But the place where the company and accounting records are needed to keep.
  5. International business companies can choose any form of currency to conduct any legal business activities and transactions in any country.
  6. The "Limited", "Corporation", "Incorporated", "Societe Anonyme" or "Sociedad Anonima" name or abbreviation "Ltd.", "Inc.", "S.A." can be used in the name of an international business company.


Suitable for both investment and international trade are

  1. Seychelles has diplomatic relations with many countries and has signed bilateral tax concessions, suitable for investment holding operations. For example, Seychelles has a consulate of China to provide certification services for establishing company documents.
  2. The amount of capital is unlimited and does not affect the charges. Its tax-free and accounting-free features are often used to operate international trade.






Seychelles Company Registration Regulations


賽席爾公司物件                  賽席爾公司物件2 
English company name is
required (Chinese name can
also be added).
English Contact Address.



賽席爾公司物件                  賽席爾公司物件2 
Passport copy of at least one

Registered Capital is USD
1,000,000 (No need to pay
Government Fee if increasing




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