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Import & Export Application


Enterprises with import and export rights can apply for import and export trade business independently according to regulations, avoiding the need to deal with foreign trade agencies, not only increasing the import and export costs, but also the worries of customer outflows. Companies that apply for import and export within the general concept usually only assist in the registration of registration. They do not know that they must be able to handle the application process for customs registration, open foreign currency accounts and apply for electronic port cards. As a result, the import and export of goods is delayed, affecting the company's operations.


Foreign trade operator registration

  • Foreign trade operators who want to apply for import and export trade business should log in online.

  • Foreign trade operators shall, within 30 days, go through the relevant formalities required for the conduct of foreign trade business with the local customs, inspection, and quarantine, foreign exchange, taxation and other departments on the “registration form” with the seal of registration and registration. If the application is not processed within the time limit, the Registration Form will automatically become invalid.

  • Inter Area has applied for China's import and export applications with many years of business experience. It has a number of substantive applications for import and export experience in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Xiamen, China. Inter Area provides one-stop service for Chinese companies and provides professional consultation in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China. Xiamen Import and Export application-related information and handling, so that investors can truly operate in the local business, and can be local in the local customer care for all business affairs so that investors can rest assured that investment, focus on business market development.


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