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  • Brief description of
    food business
  • Which companies need
    apply for food business
  • Mainland China Food Business
    License Application Conditions
  • Food business license
    application procedure


If you want to engage in food import and export trade and local food sales in China, you must obtain a license for local food business operations in accordance with regulations before you can sell or import food in the mainland.
In addition to the food business license, the so-called mainland food three-license application mainly includes the relevant filing documents of the company's import and export rights.





Brief description of food business license

  • "Before the reform of the food safety supervision system, for the operators engaged in food circulation and catering services, the "Food Circulation License" and the "Catering Service License" were issued by the industry and commerce department and the Food and Drug Administration respectively.
  • After the reform, centralized and unified supervision of food safety was implemented, and food distribution licenses and catering service licenses were
    integrated into the "food business license" to achieve the "two licenses in one", and it has been synchronized in China since January 1, 2016 Enable.
  • The "Food Business license " is a legal certificate for an enterprise to engage in food business. Food business operators in the mainland can only engage in food business/restaurant business after obtaining the license in accordance with the law. Rights and interests can be protected by law, customer credibility will also double, and business operations will get better and better. The reform of the mainland's commercial system implements the "three certificates in one" system for enterprise registration. In the past, the licenses issued by the three departments of industry and commerce, quality inspection, and taxation, due to
    the combined review of the
    approval agencies, now the new three-certificate application for enterprise food does not require lengthy approval time, greatly reducing the time it takes to apply for the three licenses of mainland food.

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    business license
    Customs registration
    Filing of foreign
    trade operators


  1. Food business license

    All companies engaged in food sales in the mainland must apply for food business license. 

  2. Customs registration certificate

    If food is imported to the mainland for sale, it is necessary to apply for the "Customs Registration Certificate", which is one of the three food certificates, and for import and export business, it is necessary to apply all licenses. 

  3. Filing of foreign trade operators

    In the import and export, all matters related to import and export qualifications or business-related matters need to provide a record registration form for inspection, and only after passing the inspection can it be officially put on sale. 




Which companies need to apply for food business license?

  • As the market economy becomes more and more standardized, laws and food distribution supervision systems become more and more complete, for companies that want to engage in the business of imported food from the mainland, It is necessary to apply for the three food licenses in the Mainland, and it is even more difficult to do without a food business permit.
  • InterArea has professionals, whether it is Shenzhen Food Circulation Certificate, Shanghai Food Circulation Certificate, or Xiamen Food Business License
    Application, who will explain to customers in detail, simplify the approval procedures, and avoid tedious tasks.
    In order to save time and cost for enterprises, we help customers to apply for three food licenses to facilitate customers to engage in the food business in the mainland.
  • □ Here are several enterprises that need to apply for food business licenses: □
  1. Enterprises applying for food business license must have fixed business premises, various enterprises engaged in wholesale or retail activities of pre-packaged food, bulk food (including non-staple food), individual industrial and commercial households, farmers' professional cooperatives, etc. need to apply.
  2. If the branch of the enterprise is engaged in food business, the application for the mainland food certificate of each branch should be applied separately.
  3. If the same food business operator is engaged in food business activities at two or more locations, it shall apply separately according to the needs of different locations.
  4. Enterprises in other industries that want to sell pre-packaged food or bulk food need to apply for a food business license.
  5. A shop with a restaurant in the front and a kitchen in the back that sells processed food need to apply for a Food business license.
  6. Food producers and catering service providers need to apply for food certificates if the outlets they establish specially sales to sell self-produced processed foods.
  7. To sell processed cooked food, food products, and semi-finished products in the bazaar, you need to apply for a Mainland Food Business Certificate.






Mainland China Food Business License Application Conditions

  • According to the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law, the Implementation Regulations of the Food Safety Law, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce “Food Circulation Authorization Management Measures”, in the future, when engaged in the food business, a food business license shall be obtained in accordance with the law and apply for industrial and commercial registration to the industrial and commercial administration authority with registration jurisdiction.
  • Units or individuals applying for the Food Business License need to meet the following conditions:
  1. Signs consistent with the font, size, and name approved by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.
  2. Keep a safe distance between the business premises and the places where toxic substances (pesticides, compounds, gases, etc.) are produced or produced and are outside the scope of pollution sources such as wastewater, exhaust gas, organic waste, sewage, garbage disposal, dust, and other pollution sources.
  3. The floor, wall, and top surface should be paved or coated with non-permeable, non-absorbent, non-toxic, easy to clean materials, and the sewer outlet should be tightly closed.
  4. There should be corresponding equipment or measures for disinfection, lighting, ventilation, anti-corrosion, dust prevention, fly prevention, rodent prevention, insect prevention, washing, wastewater treatment, garbage storage, and waste storage.
  5. The food business premises are separated from the living area.
  6. If there is a storage place, a special area should be set up for food storage, and it should not be stored in the same storage with toxic and hazardous materials.
  7. A food safety manager.






Food business license application procedure

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  1. The application for food business license must be applied by a legal entity.
  2. Space signs for storage/shopfront/restaurants and layout in accordance with fire safety guidelines.
  3. Approval by the government approving unit on-site verification, if non-compliance is required to carry out improvement work until the approval unit approved.
  4. Apply to the food unit for the issuance of a food business license.
  5. After obtaining the license, you can start selling food or opening restaurants.
  • With many years of business experience, InterArea professionally handles all kinds of Chinese license applications and has a lot of practical experience in handling licenses. InterArea provides a one-stop service for Chinese company registration and has professionals to provide three food licenses or other related consultations for food import and export. Investors can truly target local businesses, allowing investors to invest with confidence and focus on business market development.








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