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Taiwan Investment Immigration


【Taiwan Geography and Economy】

Taiwan is a narrow island in the north and south, and the Taiwan Strait in the northwest. The narrowest point is from Hsinchu County in Taiwan to Pingtan Island in Fujian Province, with a straight line distance of about 130 kilometers. The north side faces the Korean Peninsula across the East China Sea. The northeast is separated from the Ryukyu Islands. Hope; the southwest is the South China Sea; the east is the Pacific Ocean; the south is adjacent to the Philippine Islands. The island arcs are formed on the islands of the western Pacific. Hub location in Asia Pacific Area: 36,000 square kilometers, population: nearly 23.5 million. The number of foreign residents: about 520,000.

The economic development is centered on high-tech industries and services and is also geared towards the development of cultural industries and tourism. The implementation of the market economy, regardless of investment, consumption or savings, is free to choose, and many large state-owned banks and enterprises are gradually moving towards privatization.


The benefits of immigrating to Taiwan 

  1. Taiwan ranks second in the world's top ten safe countries or regions, second only to Japan. Is one of the most livable places in the world;
  2. Property private system, real estate is owned for life, can be passed on to future generations;
  3. The flight time is short, the flight has no time difference, the whole family can often reunite, Fujian Jinmen small three links, language communication is not harmful;
  4. International investment in financial freedom and free use of funds;
  5. The quality of life, culture, and citizenship is good, especially local food and cultural innovations are amazing worldwide;
  6. Free medical care enjoys a global reputation, and you can enjoy universal health insurance coverage when you have expired for six months;
  7. Immigration to other countries is more convenient, no immigration quota restrictions; shorten the processing time;
  8. The air is good, the environment is convenient, and life is comfortable;
  9. Mass transit means in all directions;
  10. Encourage childbearing and have multiple welfare policies for three or more births;
  11. Taiwan passport is free of visas in more than 140 countries (US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Schengen visa-free).


Immigration Taiwan application

  1. Foreigners who have made special contributions to Taiwan;
  2. Foreigners are required, senior professionals;
  3. Those who contribute to the improvement of Taiwan's international image;
  4. Foreigners investing in immigration in Taiwan.


Foreigners investing in Taiwan immigrants

  1. Foreigners investing in the amount of NT$15 million or more in China, and creating employment opportunities for more than five nationals for three years;
  2. Foreigners invest in central government bonds with a face value of NT$30 million or more for three years.

  Chinese people need to apply for a foreign passport

  Hold a foreign passport for more than 4 years or provide a record of more than 4 years of overseas residence, and stay at China no more than 30 days.


Foreigner's application for investment immigration in Taiwan

  1. The legal age is 18 years old;
  2. No criminal record;
  3. Pass the health check;
  4. If you have a spouse and children under the age of 18, you can apply at the same time;
  5. The investment immigration time for Taiwan is about 3-6 months.


Foreigners investing in Taiwan should prepare documents

  1.  The investment approval letter and inquiry letter of the Investment Review Committee of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science Park or Processing Export Zone; 
  2. Company change registration form;
  3. The tax certificate and financial statements of the profit-making business in the last three years;
  4. Investing in existing profit-making businesses should be accompanied by a roster of employees for the last four years;
  5. A list of employees who participated in labor insurance in the last three years;
  6. Other supporting documents.


 The project that can be invested in Taiwan

  1. International Tourism and Resort Park;
  2. Elderly Health and Wellness Resort and Tourism Park;
  3. Real estate, luxury houses, castles;
  4. Commercial building, business center, restaurant, hotel;
  5. Commercial clubs, guest houses, hot spring clubs;
  6. Golf course;
  7. Stocks, funds, bonds;
  8. Invest in high-tech, biochemical technology.